Original Post Date: April 3, 2009

Last June, the ACTION Heroes of Advanced World Solutions and Advanced World Systems embarked on a project that would take them from Manila to Bohol to Japan. After 9 months of planning, scheduling, and post-production, we are elated to finally be able to present not only the photos that we took, but also a behind-the-scenes look into what it took to finish Project Victory.

It tooks us 6 months to shoot, spread over 2 countries in 6 different locations, and 3 months of post-processing the images building the three collages and getting everyone’s approval, editing and re-editing the video, implementing new ideas, and having fun all the way.

It wasn’t what we had in common, but actually it was our differences that helped finish Project Victory. The Project Victory team, composed of all the ACTION Batch 6 “ACTION Heroes”, was a wonderfully balanced mix of people with different personalities and talents. We had talented graphic artists, travel coordinators, models, and idea people. I’m sure some of us had more than few hairs pulled in frustration while I was bugging them about their deliverables, but it was wonderful to see them all working together. As the photographer for the project, it was wonderful to see myself grow better after each location shoot, and it was also especially painful to the pocket but at least my camera gear grew as well.

We are all proud of what we have created, and sad but happy at the same time that Project Victory is finally finished. There were a lot of ideas being thrown around, some made it, some didn’t. I just hope that the final version is something that we all would love. We all had so much fun, especially during the shoots. And I am extremely fortunate because as the photographer I was actually at all the locations and I got to meet after a long time all my long lost batchmates. The stories that they told, the laughter that we all shared, Project Victory has truly been a wonderful experience.

To see more of the pictures and behind-the-scenes stuff, head on over to the Project Victory microsite.

To my batchmates, thank you for sharing in this crazy idea that Leon and I dreamed up of. Our hats off to you guys!

To the next outing or project!

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  1. Anton says:

    @(0:51)lupit naman ng editing nito!

  2. Mark says:

    Very very nice video. Congrats. Enjoyed it a lot. Where did you get hold of the nice music? I see the credits state: Music: Freedom (alt version). Can you tell me where you acquired it?

    Thanks. Again, terrific job.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, Marco and Mark!

    Anton, that single sequence was animated and rendered in Blender, while the pop-art style pictures done in GIMP. It was just a few seconds, but it took more than a week to do (I have another dayjob).

    As for the music, it’s from the Japanese Drama “H2 – Kimi to Itahibi”. It’s relatively old, so I’m not sure if they still have it in stock. Check out http://www.musicshop-eande.com/sound-drama.html or http://www.sonymusicshop.jp/detail.asp?goods=SRCL000005892 though you could try looking for other stores or importers.

    Good luck and thanks!

  4. Emmon Clarke says:

    Great fun. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thomas says:

    Great work ! Excellent … !

    Thomas :)

  6. Franck says:

    Very very very nice project. From my desk in France i can feel the good vibe you give us. Congrats !!!!


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