'Coz I got a picture holdin' a camera!

It’s official! I’m a photographer!

Everyone has seen them. More and more people have them. You know, photos of people who buy a brand new DSLR, get introduced to the world of photography, and inexplicably can’t find a better subject to shoot than themselves in front of a mirror holding a camera up to their face?

So, in honor of that time-honored tradition, here’s my take on making a declaration that I, too, am a photographer as well. Call it what you want, a satire of photographers, if you will. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also taken a photographer’s self-portrait back in the day, but thank goodness I had the sensibility not to post it for all to see. Trust me. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

So here’s a challenge: I would love to see all of you take the photographer’s self-portrait to a completely different level. Post a link to your pictures down in the comments section or post it on our Facebook wall and I’ll post the best ones I find here on my blog. And don’t forget to overlay the words “I’m a photographer! ‘Coz I have a picture holdin’ a camera!” on the photo (how you layout it is up to you).

Start shooting!:)

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