Ever seen those buttery smooth cinematics on tv/movies/YouTube and then look at the video you shot with your phone and said, “damn my footage is so shaky!” Well a gimbal will do the trick! It will really help you out with your mobile videography, or even if you’re just shooting vlogs! And the Moza Mini-S won’t break the bank either with its sub-$100 price tag (I got mine during a promo so I got it for $60). Check out my full review,! And also links to all the accessories I used are below.

Moza Mini S (http://bit.ly/2TYrdqw)
L-Style Gimbal Extension w/ Hotshoe – http://bit.ly/2uymTUe
Comica VM10 (http://bit.ly/2LyVDvB)
W49 LED Video Light – http://bit.ly/2U0EVJC
PolarPro Clip + Counterweight – http://bit.ly/2Rw2Xuk
Phone Tripod Mount Adapter – http://bit.ly/37vpA7N
Camera: iPhone SE, Xiaomi Redmi 5Plus Mic: Comica VM10 (http://bit.ly/2LyVDvB)
Gimbal: Moza Mini S (http://bit.ly/2TYrdqw)

Music: Firework by Vendredi
Music provided by Audio Library Plus Watch: https://youtu.be/r5W-txT2GWQ

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