So, it’s been a few years down the road since my last update on this website. And, quite a lot of things have happened since then!

My last couple of posts were back in 2013. I had just bought myself a motorcycle! In that same post, I talked about helping start up Tara Let’s Go! Asia, which eventually evolved into Experience Philippines. As one of the co-founders of Tara Let’s Go! Asia/Experience Philippines, Gian and I created a lot of pioneering movements in the local travel scene–we created the Random Road Trips (travelers sign up and pay, they hop on our bus/jeep/van without knowing where we’ll be taking them, but it’s always somewhere beautiful and off-the-beaten-path), and that evolved into the Singles Road Trip (targeted for single people) and Random OUTings (this time, for the LGBTQ community)! The Random Road Tripper community has grown a lot since then, and so has the company. Seriously, do check it out through Facebook, YouTube, and the website where you can book a Random Road Trip or Book an Experience.

In the past year, I’ve also started a YouTube channel all about drone technology, building and flying FPV drones (not to be confused with aerial drones like those DJI Phantoms or Mavics. FPV drones, aka miniquadss, racequads, etc., are so called because you wear a set of FPV (first-person-view) goggles to put you virtually in the pilot seat and look out via a small camera fixed on the drone), and also my journey from a noob drone pilot all the way to pro pilot (not quite there yet).

Please do check out my channel, Imagination Tech, because I do try to put out high-quality content there. And if you do enjoy my videos, please subscribe as well! :)

What about photography and my adventures with off-camera lighting with Nikon and its Creative Lighting System? Well, in my time with Experience Philippines, we partnered up with Canon. While I don’t have a Canon DSLR yet, that is something that might happen in the near future, although I’m more geared up for traveling light these days. Most of the photos and videos I take is just with my iPhone right now. Well, I do hope you enjoyed this update. It’s been one heck of a ride, these past 5 years, and I’m hoping to update this blog again soon!

Till then! :)

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